School of Magic

Magic Classes in 2018!

We do not have any classes scheduled at this time, but if you are interested in finding out when the next classes begin, please send an email to info@smokeandmirrorstheater and ask to be added to the Magic Class list and we will email you when classes are set to begin. Thanks…

  • Call 267-626-1366 to register!

Magic is a fun hobby (or profession) for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. At some time in their life, most people learn an easy to do magic trick. The magic lessons offered through our School of Magic, will teach beginners incredible magic tricks that are easy to learn and perform. You will learn tricks with; cards, money, ropes, coins even mind-reading magic.

For beginners our goal is to offer a series of lessons that will start the student on the path to learning the Art of Magic. There are many positive benefits from learning magic.

Reading comprehension is one, because you will need to translate written material into physical actions. When you perform your magic for your friends, school mates and family, you are also learning the art of Public Speaking.

You also develop your writing skills by creating original scripts (known as “patter” in the business). This allows the student to relax by knowing what they are going to say and also to get the most out of a trick by having their words match their actions.

Magic creates lifelong friendships through a common interest. I can’t tell you how many magicians I know have friends that they made when they were eight to twelve years old and have remained friends throughout their entire lives, because of their interest in the Art of Magic.

For more advanced students the challenges are similar but different. Everybody wants to be better at what they do (playing an instrument, cooking, etc.). But magic is a difficult thing to master because there are so many different elements that have to come together to make for a successful performance. Scripting, trick selection, routining, prop management, use of music, staging, blocking, character development and motivation, audience management and so on.

With our incredible state of the art theater, the students will have an opportunity to perform in a real world situation.

No matter what your level of interest is; from learning your first trick to getting ready to take Las Vegas by storm, the MAC will be a resource that will be able to help you have more fun, become a better performer and get the most out of your magic.

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