VERTICAL by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD


VERTICAL by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD


Show your spectator a piece of paper with an arrow drawn on it. You hold the paper with the arrow pointing up, then fold it and unfold it to show that the arrow is still pointing up. As it should be. You then invite your spectator to do the same. Have them hold the piece of paper with the arrow pointing up and fold the paper as you previously did. THEN you tell them to imagine the arrow turning upside down. Once they have this image in their mind, you tell them to unfold the piece of paper and surprisingly their arrow has now turned upside down.

– All you need is two pieces of paper and a pen to draw an arrow on each piece.
– NO switches
– NO sleight of hand

This boggles their mind! Download and prepare to turn people’s brains upside down!


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