52 Card Monte by Merlins – Trick


52 Card Monte by Merlins – Trick


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The magician beings by complaining how unfair The 3-Card Monte trick is to people watching. From a deck he removes a Picture card and 2 other cards and briefly shows what the swindle is. After this he gives the Picture Card to the spectator and replaces the two un-shown cards and invites him/her to play with the full pack and attempt 52 Card Monte. The difference here is that he is sure the participant will be able to locate the Picture Card every time. The Picture Card is returned to the pack and the spectator goes through a series of increasingly restrictive test and yet each time the Picture Card is found. Just as the spectator begins to suspect that the pack is simply all the same card, the magician shows the faces and they are revealed to be a completely different card with only the one Picture Card in evidence.

Comes with gimmick deck and instructional DVD.

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